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 We are a family owned and operated business, and we have been providing school transportation since 2000. In addition, our home has served as a state licensed childcare home since 1991. We truly love what we do. We feel it a privilege to be able to assist families with their transportation needs and care for their children. We also recognize the responsibility that goes along with this as we have raised two children of our own.  We adhere to all the standards to be in compliance with the state laws. This includes CPR/1st aid training, background checks, annual training requirements, etc. We also provide booster seats and comply with the state seat belt laws for the children’s safety.

 We realize that a parents workday is usually longer than the children’s day at school and there are various other reasons that people might need and appreciate our service. Sometimes, it is simply that the children are too old for the daycare setting; however, parents want to know that they get home and in their house safely. We are happy to be able to provide a service that can help parents with their schedule and also lessen the worry of getting their child home safely.  Whether your child needs to go home, to dance, piano lessons, etc.. we are happy to try and accommodate your needs.  

We hope to be able to have the privilege of providing services for you and your family.